Hello I’m Leroy Henry


My work commonly involves architectural screen-prints
Interdisciplinary Printmaking Artist teacher, Curator and Freelance Arts co-ordinator

Work touches upon themes such as: Regeneration, peoples expressive associations with places pets and spaces. These may have acted like vessels drenched with emotion charge the length and breath and hem of our past, present and impending moments; sandwiched between regimented bricks kissed by lines of cement with emotions seemingly thumping on the door to ones heart.

Work is often intuitively methodically developed via experiments through various mediums in. Particularly screen-printing, technically changing depth of field, switching from sharp, blur, and fade in just one breath, gathering momentum in the production of ideas. The calling of thick towards slim smell of perfumed inks and drawing the squeegee along the screen as the print-bed hisses with air; whirls and booms electrical power which replenishes ones creative blood –feeling like Captain Kirk of the Starship Enterprise.

Printmaking to develop on going research which at times is tentative reactionary collecting found objects; visually breathing in news articles expanding the premise why buildings are apparently draped in the observers emotional wounds, punctured via fleeting shards of joy. Explore through printmaking why particular buildings are seen as iconic and prompt questions at what point do you love or hate it.

One of my many influences is Patrick Hughes’s
Super-perspective especially as it moves with the viewer, other works are extended with multiple perspectives drawing the observer into its many focal points encompassing a cinematic experience.